A better Brussels begins with pedalling

A better Brussels? That’s something we all dream of. And every one of us can do something about it, such as choosing to cycle more often. Because the more that people use their bikes, the greener, safer and easier life in our city will be.

Bike for Brussels wants to get as many people as possible cycling in Brussels. From Jonas to Fatimah, from Noureddine to Sophie. Because cycling is good for everyone and everything – for cyclists, the city and the environment. That is why we and Brussels Mobility support as many cycling initiatives as possible. In the past five years, the cycling infrastructure has improved a lot and the launch of City 30 is a big step in the right direction. Nevertheless, we continue to strive every day for even more improvements.

Of course, there should still be room for other forms of transport, like cars. But by cycling more, we can all contribute to a better city. So, full speed ahead for a better Brussels!

Any questions?

Bike for Brussels is an initiative by Brussels Mobility. The employees of Brussels Mobility will be happy to help you.

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