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Bike R☀️utes

Enjoy carefree bike rides through Brussels !

We’ve mapped out 9 routes based on Regional Cycle Routes (RCRs)!

The perfect way to pedal through Brussels and discover delightful places, or simply enjoy a smooth journey to work!

Regional Cycling Routes (RCRs)

For our routes we use the Regional Cycle Routes (RCRs). These allow 24/7 exploration, from the Anderlecht ponds to Midi Market – because there’s more to Brussels than Manneken Pis and the metal spheres of the Atomium.

Watch our explainer about how RCRs work here.

The Bike R☀️utes of 2022

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The Fries Tour


The bike route takes you on a tour through the heart of Brussels and rounds off with a delicious portion of fries😋

Sint Vincentiuspark

The Far North


Heading out on your bike for a voyage of discovery in the north? 🚲 Ride through Schaerbeek and Evere with this Bike Route! ✌️

20220610 142431

The Green West


Fancy a ride past long-haired cattle and deep marshes? Go for a spin in Brussels’ green wild west! 🌳

20220701 120846

The Royal Route


Want to tour the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken? We’ve mapped it out for you. Quick, mount your throne... uhm bike seat. 👑

20220617 103728

Pedal along the canal


Are you only familiar with Anderlecht from football? ⚽️ Discover all the other splendours of Anderlecht, with its busy canal! 🚲

20220621 143320

A scenic route by the water


Want to escape from the city for a while? 😎 Hop on your bike and enjoy a scenic ride past the water and greenery of the Woluwe valley! 💦


Through the Maelbeek valley


Want to see a different side of Ixelles and Uccle? Hop on your bike and discover the pearls of the Maelbeek valley. 🤩

Houten brug

Wheeling through the Woluwes


Fancy a fresh portion of greenery, not too far from the city? The two Woluwe villages will welcome you with open arms. 😎 Hop on your bike and enjoy this scenic route through nature.

Women Bike The City

The port route


Fancy a cycling adventure? 😎 Get your trusty steed out of the stable for our last (😢) bike route this summer. This time, we’ll be exploring the Brussels port neighbourhood.