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Bikers for Brussels

87% more cyclists compared to September 1st 2019! For a moment it seemed as if everyone in Brussels was pedalling. We want to help you to #KeepPedaling. that's why we sent Mélodie, Mélanie and Gehan to try out your routes. Jump on your saddle and let's make Brussels a real bicycle city.

Mélodie BFB


Melodie goes everywhere in Brussels by bike. She cycles to work, goes grocery shopping by bike, and hops on her bike to visit friends. She sometimes even wonders if she is not spending more time with her bike than with her partner!

Mélani BFB


As Mélanie has two children, you would think that it must be hard cycling with them. On the contrary, Mélanie doesn’t need a chunky cargo bike. She just cycles with one child at the front and one at the back. And they love it!



Gehan lives in Antwerp but commutes to Brussels for work every day. His folding bike is his trusty companion in the capital city. He is convinced that a bicycle is the best way to mover around Brussels.