Cycling makes you happy

Everyone knows that cycling benefits mobility, the environment and the health. But what people perhaps don’t know is that cycling is also good for morale. This is another clear reason why you should choose cycling, especially while these hard times affect everybody!

Cycling away the blues

Cycling away the The coronavirus pandemic has really dealt Belgian morale a blow. According to a recent study by the University of Ghent, happiness levels among the Belgian population have dipped from 67.3% before the crisis to 62.1% today. And as many as 30% of Belgians even describe themselves as unhappy.

That said, other studies have shown that cycling promotes the release of hormones, including the so-called euphoria hormone endorphin. Cycling also clears your mind and frees your spirit.

That’s why – now more than ever– we want to encourage people to start (or carry on) cycling so that we can give the happiness levels of everyone in Brussels a boost!


Discover our Good-Mood route generator

You already know that cycling makes you happy. But actually getting on your bike and going for a ride is a different story. So, let our Good-Mood route generator inspire you! Answer 3 quick questions and we’ll recommend a few routes to suityour mood. The next step is easy. Just enter the route into your chosen navigation system and off you go!