Every week a different member of our BikeCommunity shares how you can plan the perfect staycation in Brussels. View the stories here.

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Cecile NL

The #Staycation of Cécile

My name is Cécile (@blogcecilecestmoi on Instagram) and I come from the French Ardennes, but I’ve lived in Belgium for the last 13 years. At the moment I live somewhere between Ixelles and Ganshoren.

Irene foto NL

The #Staycation of Irène

I would describe myself first and foremost as a Spanish expat with a passion for cycling. I discovered Brussels when I was here on holiday – and I never left. My name is Irene, by the way (@irenelaclotis).

Card Sebastien NL

The #Staycation of Sebastien

Sebastien Nolens, alias @sebicicleta, 41 years young. Organizer of ‘Little Belgium 300km’ on 21 July and the ultracycling evening ‘ONBOARD the Transcontinental’ in PALACE. At the moment I live just over the Brussels border, near Stockel.

The #Staycation of Antoine

I’m Antoine, I’m 22 and I live in Ixelles with my fantastic girlfriend and my cat.

Katia PF fb0478b27d580dcbdf8d2475be5ca949

The #Staycation of Nomade Sedentaire

I’m Katia, “La nomade Sédentaire” on social media, and I live in Schaerbeek.