Bike for a better Brussels

The traffic in Brussels … we know there’s still plenty of room for improvement. That’s why you choose to use your bike as much as possible, of course. Because the more cyclists, the better for Brussels and the people who live and work there.

That is Bike for Brussels’ big mission: to get everyone in Brussels on their bikes.

“Palm trees. Definitely!” Blanca (69)

Palm trees. A cable car that connects buildings in the city with each other. And a bit more greenery if they wouldn’t mind sorting that out, please? Blanca from Schaerbeek is a fiery lady who knows exactly what she wants for Brussels. And being given a bit of that dream does something to a person. Even the fiery ones.

“Friendliness. And greenery everywhere.” Kinch (47)

“Plants mean trees, and that means fruit trees. Thanks to them, we can breathe better.” Kinch from Anderlecht dreams of a green city, a friendly city – and the Matongé district being tidied up. Discover Kinch’s warm wishes here.

“A flying carpet. Or if that’s not possible, bicycles and nothing else.” Sarah (27)

Birds singing. All the buildings a cheerful colour. And everyone getting around on flying carpets.” Sarah from Molenbeek gives free rein to her dreams and realises that it would make a big difference if everyone travelled by bicycle more often.