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Ambassadors travelling in limousines ... now there’s a tired cliché. You can recognize our real Bike Ambassadors by the CD sticker attached to the back of their bicycle. These actual ambassadors prove how fun and practical cycling in Brussels can really be. Even if you’ve just come to live here. There are no excuses, really, for hopping on your bike more often. A sturdy 20 km in length, this bike ride combines culture and nature and takes you along all of their favourite spots. The perfect way to get to know Brussels just that little bit better.

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📏 27km / ⏰ 90 min / 🗻 240m

This bike route shows you Brussels in all of its facets. It’s pretty perfect, whether the city is new to you … or you just want to enjoy its beauty once more. Officially, the ride sets out from the Grand-Place, but feel free to latch on anywhere you like. Soak up some culture in the heart of Brussels as you cycle past the Royal Palace, the Mont des Arts / Kunstberg and the Sablon / Zavel. Onwards, then, time for some in-between green. The Bois de la Cambre / Terkamerenbos, the Woluwe Park and the Cinquantenaire Park: they’re all covered. Be sure to grease up those muscles and joints, though! Let’s go!

Their favourite spots

Mr. Odd Sinding – Denmark

Danish ambassador Odd Sinding lost his heart to the Bois de la Cambre / Terkamerenbos. That’s why he keeps returning to the forest to look for it.

Mr. Pieter Jan Kleiweg de Zwaan – The Netherlands

Cycling is second nature to any Dutchman, and that includes ambassador Pieter Jan Kleiweg de Zwaan. He is our guide on the way to Anderlecht, which happens to be his favourite football team, as well.

Mrs. Diana Reaich – New Zealand

Cycling is good for the body, the soul and the planet. Yeah, you can’t really argue with New Zealander Diana Reaich there. Not surprisingly, the Woluwe Park is her favourite spot.

Mr. Thomas Ossowski – Germany

Every day, Thomas Ossowski cycles through the Cinquantenaire Park, en route to the German embassy. The bustling green park fills him with energy for the workday ahead. What’s not to love?

Mrs. Ivana Robović - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sure, ambassadors get homesick once in a while, too. But when Ivana Robović misses beautiful Bosnia, she sets course for Flagey. Seeing all those different people, hearing all those languages, feels like a warm hug.

Mrs. Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba – Botswana

Mmasekgoa Masire-Mwamba, who hails from Botswana, discovered Brussels at her own pace, just by cycling around. Her favourite discovery? The magnificent Leopold Park.

Mr. Stéphane Mund – Belgium

For Stéphane Mund, Belgian ambassador to the EU, cycling is many things: an ideal moment of sports and reflection, a more sustainable way of life ... and the shortest way to the Grand-Place.

Mrs. Barbara Sušnik – Slovenia

"Slovenians are true cyclists. My fellow Slovenians are definitely enjoying cycling in Brussels too!" Ambassador Barbara Sušnik is a fan of our city. 😍

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Cycling in Brussels is fun.

Even if you’re not that familiar with the city. Our Bike Ambassadors are living proof of that. Pedalling along, these actual, réal ambassadors want to motivate other people to hop on their bikes more often. Because, you see, cycling in Brussels is fun and practical. Will you follow in their footsteps, um, bike tracks, as a new ambassador for Bike for Brussels?

As a Bike Ambassador you can put your country ànd cycling in Brussels on the map. Fill in your name and home country and discover whether your country is a real cycling country.