Pedal away, all day every day!

Our bike routes are the best means to discover our beautiful capital and its suburbs.

In the mood for some exploring? Feel like making unforgettable memories with your friends? Here you’ll find everything you need.

Fancy a ride?

Below you’ll find all bike routes around Brussels. Brakes checked? Tires pumped up and chain oiled? Go!

Right through the Pajottenland

Want to swap the urban hustle and bustle for some rural peace and quiet with just a few pedal strokes? Anything is possible in Brussels! Go on this cycle tour and be amazed by the untouched natural beauty of the Pajottenland, where you can still admire the landscapes portrayed by Bruegel …

Art in nature

Vive la Flanders, long live Wallonia! Today, we’ll leapfrog the language frontier so that you can see some of the best sights in Flemish- and Walloon Brabant.


En route to the student city

On this ride, you can visit the ‘longest bar in the world’ (but don’t drink and bike!🧃), take a break on the banks of the Vaart canal and breathe the fresh air of the natural countryside around Heverlee.

Gracq 2

Out and about in Brussels-South

This bike ride departs from Ter Kamerenbos/Bois de la Cambre and takes a lively route towards the south of Brussels, all the way to the Lion’s Mound in Waterloo. 🦁

Wandelen met zicht op Brussel Lander Loeckx min 1

Plants or beer: delightful riding here

This time we head north towards Londerzeel. At junction 56, take in the magnificent views of Brussels.

Dender image

Discover the best out west

Call your bestie, set a date and take in the panoramas of the Pajottenland together on a bike ride to Ninove.


Ready for a tour of Aalst?

Onions, carnival and Bockie De Repper sum up the destination of our next cycling route.

Always wanted to visit those lovely people living near the Dender? Let’s roll!

Natuur 2

Bike parade in Hofstade

Never cycled past Zaventem airport? Then this cycling route to Hofstade is right up your street!

Visit Brussels Promenade Verte

Discover the green outskirts of Brussels

Cycle your way through the Royal Domain of Laeken, take in the green views of Watermael-Boitsfort and take a walk around the ponds near the RSC Anderlecht stadium.

Liermolen 2 Lander Loeckx

Along the Zenne and the canal towards the cathedral

Wind along with the river Zenne until you arrive in Mechelen


To Wolvertem, with Brussels views along the way

This bike ride takes you past the Park of Laeken, the Meise Botanic Garden and the Land of Oppem.

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