The Far North

Sint Vincentiuspark

Let's go

This Bike Route takes you on an expedition to the north of the city! We start at Schaerbeek station, cycle towards Evere, stop at the lovely square next to Schaerbeek town hall, and end the route back at Schaerbeek station.

Route 2 map


📏 9km / ⏰ 40min / 🗻 60m

RCRs used

Start at Schaerbeek station and follow the Promenade Verte to Hoedemaekers.
Then follow the 1a green to Bienfaiteurs.
Next, take A orange to Azalées.
From Azalées, follow the MM blue to Lambermont.
After that, follow the SZ blue and finish at Schaerbeek station.


Park Saint-Vincent

We set off from Schaerbeek station and cycle towards Park Saint-Vincent. This is a beautiful chain of small parks and allotments alongside the train tracks, with an unexpected culvert under the road for cyclists and walkers.

Evere town hall

Once out of the green space, we pedal to Evere town hall, where important political questions are settled against an art deco backdrop.

Josaphat Park

We ride towards Josaphat Park, Schaerbeek’s green lung. A magnificent park in English landscape style with a series of hills and valleys. The typical Schaerbeek donkeys are part of the scenery. Did you know that the traffic rules still date from last century and cycling is forbidden in the park? We continue through the park on foot and then cycle towards the Place de la Patrie.

NEAN mural

On the corner of Place de la Patrie and Rue Joseph Coosemans there is a magnificent mural by graffiti artist NEAN. We see a powerful image of a mother holding her child in a tight embrace.

Place des Bienfaiteurs

This square is dominated by the Monument aux Bienfaiteurs des Pauvres (Monument to the Benefactors of the Poor). Surrounding the roundabout are magnificent townhouses in art nouveau and eclectic styles.

Mast of Lalaing and Brusilia

It’s time for some more architecture en route. This time we’re opting for art nouveau in the form of a gigantic electric mast and for modernism in the form of the iconic Brusilia residential tower block. A richly decorated mast featuring wild tigers stands opposite a sleek tower block from the 1970s. Between the two, there’s a pleasant playground.

  • Sint Vincentiuspark

    Park Saint-Vincent

  • Gemeentehuis Evere

    Evere town hall

  • Josaphatpark

    Josaphat Park

  • Muurschildering NEAN

    NEAN mural

  • Fontein Weldoenersplein

    Place des Bienfaiteurs

  • Lantaarn en Brusilia

    Mast of Lalaing and Brusilia

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